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Let's talk about Taylor Swift's Style! No, not that pyjama she wore at the VMA's (what was she thinking?) but her Preppy Summer Style. She makes it look so effortlessly to wear and she sticks to 2-3 pieces of clothing, a purse on her arms and heels. Pretty simple isn't it? But it all comes together beautifully! Take a look at a few (googled images) of my fav Taylor Swift looks!

Love the pastels combination!

Sporting the sneaker-dress trend

So retro 
Love that she sticks to the same bag Dolce & Gabbana's Top handle bag. The bag is so classic and clearly matches almost any outfit! (I need to get my hands on one!)

and lastly a compilation of the top looks! (image also from google) the last two outfits on the right have to be my top favorites! The blue skirt is girly and on the other pic, the shorts, button-up shirt and blazer is a more edgier look, love the combination of navy blue and red, it's so elegant! Both photos basically sum up my style of girly-edgy.

And there you have it, a dose of T Swifts Style!

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Hi all! Lin here :) I recently went to the MET Museum to see the exhibition of British-born fashion designer Charles James: Beyond Fashion. The pieces on display consist of ball gowns and dinner dresses from the 40’s and 50’s. The dresses are a dime a piece, super chic, with little or no embellishments. The details on the dresses were carefully designed to mold a woman’s hourglass figure. As showcased on the screens placed by each ball gown, James used “sculptural, scientific, and mathematical approaches to construct” the dresses.

There was a quote written by James on one of the glass walls of the exhibit that resonated with me. It echoed James’ fashion-nerdy fascination with detail: Cut in dressmaking is like grammar in language. A good design should be like a well-made sentence and it should only express one idea at a time.”

This quotation immediately reminded me of the Duchess of Cambridge…No, not because James and Kate Middleton are British…Kate wears elegant pieces of clothing. The elegance can be seen through the meticulous details of each piece: carefully measured, cut, sewed, and stitched. Like James’ designs, they are unembellished and chic. Kate just adds the finishing touch by wearing her pieces, oh so gracefully. I’m certain that James would agree with me!

To my surprise, the Time magazine gave tribute to Kate’s fashion evolution a few days before I visited the MET. Below are a few of my favorite Kate Middleton looks: 

This pink Emilia Wick-stead dress and hat remind me of the strawberry pink Chanel suit and hat Jackie Kennedy wore the day her husband was assassinated.

Not a fan of her dress in the picture below, but a fan of Prince William’s courtesy J

** Remember ladies, sometimes less is more. I’m referring to embellishments and patterns not nudity ;)

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Hi ladies (and possibly gents)! I’m back J I used to add a touch of corporate fashion to Reem’s former blog “2broads1city,” as a guest contributor. Since I started law school, I have not had the time to share my thoughts on fashion with you all…so I am beyond excited to get back at it! I would like to thank my fashionista, Reem, for letting me use PIFFY as an outlet -- THANKS REEM! For my first post on PIFFY, I will talk about the White House’s Turnaround Arts Program.

In 2012, the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH) launched the two-year Turnaround Arts Program. The program aimed to turn around low-performing schools, narrow the achievement gap, and increase student engagement at eight schools. It used arts as a medium to pave the way to academic success and promote personal growth for students at these schools.

On May 20th, none other than the First Lady of the White House and the first lady of fashion, Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker respectively, joined forces to expand the program’s efforts to up to 60 schools around the country! The program has received sufficient funds for the next three-years. The First lady shared that the program has been a major success: “math and reading scores have gone up in these schools… attendance is up, enrollment is up…parent engagement is up… suspensions have plummeted…and two of the schools in our pilot improved so dramatically that they are no longer in turnaround status.” It’s no surprise that Turnaround Arts has exceeded PCAH’s expectations, considering MO spearheads the initiative as the Honorary Chair of the President’s Committee. You go girl! Show em’ who is BAWSE!

The White House celebrated the expansion of the Turnaround Arts Program by showing casing the talents of the beneficiaries through a talent show. Children performed alongside SJP! See pictures below.

MO wore a white Michael Kors dress, which she accessorized with a wide belted Alexander McQueen belt. 

SJP wore a white blouse, fitted jeans, and high-top Chuck Taylor’s.

Kudos to these talented children!

Couldn’t close without this endearing picture of the power couple’s romantic smooch. Yes, it is possible to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and simultaneously maintain a healthy relationship with your soulmate! J

 To learn more about Turnaround Arts Program and the program’s expansion, please visit:


I know, I know I haven't been posting, I've been MIA :o But I have good reasons:

  1. Personal matters
  2. Being in The Mission reality TV Show is literally what I do every single day. Filming, interviews, more filming sigh it's actually exhausting lol
Nonetheless the program is coming to an end soon, I'm currently in the Top 6! Woohoo! So stay tuned and hang in there, I'll be posting more, once I free up. Although I do have to say I'm very up to date on Instagram as I post all the behind the scenes from the program there and events when I have time to attend them so follow me :)

And reintroducing Lin! My NYC fashionista who used to contribute to my previous blog, well she's back and has a new post which I'll be posting shortly.

Hasta la Pasta,

Hackett Rising Stars SS14 Window Campaign

Hello Luvies,

I was invited to style Hackett's window display along with fellow blogger Ali Al Bana from The Sartoriali and Muneera Al Khalifa from VoguishM for the launch of Hackett's Spring Summer 2014 collection! We began by creating a mood board for the mood of our mannequin then previewed the collection, picking pieces that go with our mood to style our mannequin. My mannequin was The Time Traveller. My look was inspired by the classic vintage era of the 1920's, where most men would travel to find a job in the city. They would be gone for days and would usually travel with their luggage in the form of wooden boxes covered with leather. The 1920's man was constantly well groomed and dressed neatly. 

I leave you with my mood board and photos from the event.

Styled my mannequin with a bow tie of course and one extra bow just for style, 
topped it all of with a black Top Hat for Mr. Time Traveller.

Photo Credit Ali Al Bana 
Goofing around with Ali :p

Photo Credit Ali Al Bana
with Ali and Muneera

Photo Credit Ali Al Bana
Thank you Hackett for this wonderful opportunity and Nada, I really 
enjoyed it and look forward to working with you guys again in the near future :)


The latest celeb to hit our style radar, the oh so fabulous Zendaya! Killing it in NYFW, I must own that coat!


Hello Luvies,

One of my features this year in Grazia Magazine for their Fashion Week feature. I give travel tips on where to stay, what to eat, see and explore while in New York city.